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How are Bélon oysters grown?

In the calm, clear waters of the Bélon ria, a thousand-year-old tradition lives on. For centuries, the inhabitants of the region have carefully cultivated the famous flat oysters of Bélon, considered by gastronomes as the finest and most delicious in the world.

It all starts with the selection of the most promising specimens. The spat are carefully selected for their cultivation ability and quality. Then, in the hatching tanks, the larvae are fed and cared for until they become young oysters.

The young oysters are then transferred to maturing beds where they can grow and feed in safety. When they have reached a certain size, they are transplanted to the beds, where they can cling to the natural supports and take advantage of the abundance of food in the sea.

The process of cultivating the flat oysters of Bélon requires constant attention and meticulous care. The beds must be maintained regularly to keep the environment suitable for oyster growth. When the oysters finally reach maturity, they are gently picked and carefully sorted.

Finally, the flat oysters from Le Bélon are subjected to rigorous quality controls to ensure their food safety and their unequalled taste quality. After several years of careful care and ancestral know-how, the flat oysters of Bélon are ready to be tasted, offering gastronomy lovers a unique delicacy of its kind.

Thus, in the calm waters of the Bélon aber (ria), a thousand-year-old tradition of oyster farming continues, passing on from generation to generation the know-how and respect for nature that have made the world reputation of these delicious flat oysters. To be tasted on site.

Published on: 2 February 2023  -  Filed under: Blog EN, To be discovered