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Boucan café and bookshop: Pont-Aven’s literary and gourmet epicentre

In the heart of Pont-Aven, a unique place, the Café-Librairie Boucan, stands out in the thirty-year tradition of Breton café-libraries. This artistic cocoon, created by Anne and Mathilde in autumn 2022, harmoniously combines their complementary talents: Mathilde’s cooking (100% home-made, organic and local, of course) and Anne’s passion for books, advice and meeting people.

From Wednesday to Saturday, Boucan welcomes you for a delicious lunch or a comforting snack at any time. On Sundays, the atmosphere is transformed into a literary tearoom from 2pm to 6.30pm. Delicacies such as soft scones and generous carrot cake invite you to stroll in and indulge.

But Boucan is much more than just a café and bookshop. It’s a sanctuary for literature, housing a carefully chosen selection of 2,500 new and second-hand books. Here, books written by women shine brightly, reversing the usual proportion of bookshop shelves. From militant essays to practical books, from graphic novels to children’s albums, each book has been chosen with love.

The warm atmosphere encourages you to take your time to browse, chat, dream and perhaps make some essential literary discoveries. The birds on the wallpaper or in the landscaped courtyard seem to watch over this haven of peace, where culinary art and literature intermingle to create an unforgettable experience.

Stop off at Boucan, where words and flavours come together in an enchanting dance in the heart of Pont-Aven. This café-library promises moments of delight and wonder, where every visit becomes a literary and gourmet escapade.

Distance from Kerbeleg : 12 minutes

Setting : Charming little alleyway in a peaceful setting

Published on: 27 September 2023  -  Filed under: Good Addresses