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The photo 'for the album'

The Well

It’s a myth, it’s a rock, what shall I say… it’s a flowerpot! And a tradition in the family that we maintain, a parenthesis that announces the hoisted sails, but to better find ourselves here, one day, soon, on the same well, with another outfit, and yet… Those of our friends and family who spend a night or more pose patiently, kindly. A moment of liberation because here, no selfie but memories and a photo: “The Photo of the Well”.

It was predictable, putting off the moment because a cloud passes by (it’s rare here, they tend to stay!), we missed a little bit, it will be for the next edition. We are so caught up in the joy of the reunion and of the time spent in your joyful company that we often forget to take that mythical photo. We will discipline ourselves for the next few times because we think it is a hundred times better than instagrame and the thousands of photos taken on the fly that end up on servers at the end of the world because this one is engraved in granite. Thank you Grany, Thank you Daddy for this tradition…

To Sandra, Vincent, Emmanuelle & Franck, Bernard, Bertrand & Sylvie, Elisa & Thomas, Béné & Marcelin, Sylvie, Emmanuel, Cathou and Caline, for your next visit, we are planning a big blue sky for the photo that we won’t forget this time it’s promised and full pancakes for your arrival 😉

Published on: 24 April 2023  -  Filed under: Life at home