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Sculpting the soul of wood, forging the brilliance of metal: the singular world of Jerôme Guivarch

Jérôme Guivarc’h, art meets nature near Pont Aven

Just a stone’s throw from Pont Aven, the birthplace of Brittany’s artists, this emerging talent on the art scene, Jérôme Guivarc’h, sculpts wood and metal with brio. His exceptional work is well worth a visit during your stay in Kerbeleg.

A daring and multi-talented creator, Jérôme meticulously chooses wood from sustainable species that will immortalise the centuries-old beauty of Brittany’s forests in a work of art, whether utilitarian or decorative. Each sculpture is in harmony with nature, and each piece of metal blends into the earthy rust.


Jérôme Guivarc’h

His studio is located just a few minutes from Pont Aven, in a haven of peace. A talented sculptor, he has mastered the techniques of wood and metal sculpture, his artistic passion. For each of his projects, Jérôme studies new techniques that allow him to reveal all the beauty of his favourite materials, sublimating the material into decorative works with impeccable finishes.

By reinventing everyday objects or inspired by works from the ends of the earth, he masterfully shapes each stump, trunk or plank of wood to sublimate it.

Metal – Garden





Wood – Living room side





Interior oak

Walnut frame for Prefect’s sword


End of sofa


Meet the artist

On your next visit to Pont Aven, don’t miss the opportunity to discover the captivating sculptures of this visionary artist over a coffee in his little green paradise. A journey to the heart of emotion and beauty awaits you, where art blends with nature to awaken your senses and nourish your soul.

To make an appointment during your stay and discover her works:

Published on: 1 August 2023  -  Filed under: Artists