Véréna & Fabien dégustation d'huitres au jardin KERBELEG

To know each other, a little, before arriving.

Véréna and Fabien

To talk about our journey, what could be better than a few verses in our beautiful French language:

« Heureux qui, comme Ulysse, a fait un beau voyage
Ou comme cestuy-là qui conquit la toison
Et puis est retourné, plein d’usage et raison,
Vivre entre ses parents le reste de son âge ! »

(Joachim DU BELLAY)

It’s a bit like the life journey we had when we left France for 21 years to settle in Singapore where we set up a French grocery shop and restaurant.

Now in our fifties, having contributed to the discovery of French know-how abroad, we are returning “home” to start a new life.

Having left to meet others, far away, in Asia, we are happy to be back in France, in our dear Brittany, where we now have the ambition to transform our parents’ house into a place of welcome and sharing. We will do our best to make your stay as rich as possible, be it culturally, gastronomically, sporty… but above all human.

To all our English-speaking visitors, we both speak Shakespeare’s language fluently, in a less refined but just as understandable way. We will therefore provide you with all the support and answers to your questions for your stay.

See you soon in Kerbeleg for a great meeting!

Published on: 2 March 2022  -  Filed under: Life at home