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The Mandala vegetable garden project

This mandala garden project was a bit ambitious, our first steps in permaculture, and we don’t know yet where it will lead us, but we want to give back to the mother earth a worthy space to blossom. With a bit of luck, after more or less successful attempts, many mistakes, capricious weather, she will give it back to us a bit, or in abundance if we let her speak again. Many thanks to Perrine for your help, your inspiration and your contagious energy, and to my grandfather Fournol for sticking my hands in the soil as soon as I could walk…

In a little over a month, we turned over, just once to limit the soil underlayer trauma, these 500m2 of soil, an old lawn that had been tamped down for decades. The seeds are incubating in the office, which has been transformed into a greenhouse under artificial light, and we need to get them out into the open air as soon as possible. The graphic inspirations came from the days, offering a winding circulation to get lost among the squashes, potatoes, carrots and other delights that nature offers us.

Next year, weather permitting, we will build our wooden greenhouse before, perhaps, introducing animals, who knows…

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The stages

potager mandala kermit le crapaud

The toad, prince of the garden

Fellow gardeners, welcome to the enchanting world of the vegetable garden, where magic happens and miracles come to life! Today we present KERMIT, our little toad who still thinks he’s a pretty frog, a prince in the Mandala garden. We had our eye on Kermit, lurking behind a stone in the well, so we invited […]

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Published on: 3 July 2023  -  Filed under: The Mandala

img 20230323 125438 scaled

Water: Life!

Connecting our well to our vegetable garden: a crucial step towards food self-sufficiency. We’ve had this idea in the back of our minds for a while: to connect our well to the centre of our Mandala vegetable garden. It’s now an absolute necessity for all gardeners concerned about the environment and efficiency in the garden. […]

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Published on: 29 June 2023  -  Filed under: The Mandala

le mandala 4 tonnes de fumier de vache amendement scaled

Amending our soil for a sustainable crop

In our quest for environmentally-friendly agriculture, we felt it was essential to return to natural, traditional methods. Using cow manure to enrich the soil is an age-old practice. We have 4 tonnes of cow manure delivered to us, which we spread over our vegetable patch using a wheelbarrow. We apply a final pass of the […]

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Published on: 29 June 2023  -  Filed under: The Mandala

le potager mandala kerbeleg preparation du sol 4 scaled

Decompacting the soil

Once the sketch had been finalised and the circular layout positioned, we marked out a large 23 metre square that we were going to turn over, essentially on the surface, with a rotovator. This tool isn’t ideal, but turning over 500 m2 with the grelinette (aerator) was an impossible mission, given the hardness of the […]

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Published on: 29 June 2023  -  Filed under: The Mandala

le mandala dessin esquisse scaled

A wild sketch between heaven and earth

Designing the beds The concept of our mandala vegetable garden offers a unique and aesthetic approach to the creation of our vegetable garden. Bringing living things back into the midst of dormant nature requires a bit of work on the subject. We’re dedicating a 23 metre square, or around 500 square metres, to this ‘kingdom […]

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Published on: 29 June 2023  -  Filed under: The Mandala

semis en interieur le mandala kerbeleg 43

An office, a greenhouse?

It all starts with the seed. It’s the middle of winter, February 2023, the dozens of packets of reproducible seeds are piling up on the desk and we’re itching to finally give life to those thousands of little vegetables and aromatic plants in the making. This year, to give the kitchen garden every chance of […]

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Published on: 20 June 2023  -  Filed under: The Mandala

kerbeleg 2023

The clearing

We only knew Kerbeleg through my grandfather’s stories and photos. The fields of the manor farm surrounding it, our neighbour’s draught horse, these images of nature and green labour that already made me dream a little. This clearing, to which the house turned its back, was home to a small vegetable garden in the summer, […]

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Published on: 10 June 2023  -  Filed under: The Mandala

kerbeleg carte 1950

The land

Until the 1950s, agriculture in Brittany was dominated by small family farms. Consolidation changed this dynamic by grouping plots together and modernising them with new technologies. This increased productivity, but some farmers lost their land and Brittany’s traditional bocage landscape was destroyed. Despite this, Brittany remains a major agricultural region in France, reconciling modernity with […]

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Published on: 1 June 2023  -  Filed under: The Mandala

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