Kerbeleg - Leelooch, la petite chatte, mascotte de la maison

Are not allowed but...


Your four-legged pet friends can’t stay at Kerbeleg, and yet… We have always loved them! But the mascot of the house is a little cat. Leelooch’ (small squint and red coat depending on the time of day) is overflowing with affection, she is a little feline love abandoned at the Quimper SPA who adopted us at the beginning of 2021.

She is very sensitive to the presence of foreign animals which frighten her. On the other hand, she loves humans and will purr on your lap by the fire. If by any chance you are allergic to cats, please let us know and we will leave her in her own flat during your stay.

Cat and pet lovers… see you soon!

Published on: 2 March 2022  -  Filed under: Blog EN, Life at home