Kerbeleg - Tourisme Chaumières de Kerascoet Menuiseries bordeaux

A rich and living heritage

Some ideas for visits and walks around Kerbeleg

For hikers, sportsmen, the curious or the aesthetes

To do, to see, to visit

Visit Pont-Aven

During your stay in Kerbeleg, a visit to Pont-Aven is a must. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the history of the Pont-Aven School thanks to guided tours of the places that inspired the artists, such as the Bois d’Amour promenade and the Hotel Julia, now the Pont-Aven Museum, where many artists stayed. In addition […]

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Tourisme - Kerbeleg - Dégustation d'Huitres du Château du Bélon

How are Bélon oysters grown?

In the calm, clear waters of the Bélon ria, a thousand-year-old tradition lives on. For centuries, the inhabitants of the region have carefully cultivated the famous flat oysters of Bélon, considered by gastronomes as the finest and most delicious in the world. It all starts with the selection of the most promising specimens. The spat […]

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© Marc SCHAFFNER - Morbihan Tourisme

Discover our Brittany

Brittany, that jewel in the ocean, is a mysterious and fascinating destination with many secrets and wonders to discover. If you are looking for a thrilling adventure, come and explore this unique place, where nature, culture and gastronomy blend together to create an unforgettable experience. Brittany’s wild and rugged coastline is a sight to behold. […]

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Tourisme - Locronan Finistère ruelle

A day in the Middle Ages in Locronan, one of the “Most beautiful villages in France

Locronan is a historic and picturesque village in Finistère, Brittany, which offers a glimpse of the culture and architecture of the region. It has been classified as one of the “Most Beautiful Villages in France”. The village has a rich history linked to wool and dyeing, which made Locronan an important textile production centre in […]

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Kerbeleg - Tourisme - Kerascoët - Maison en pierres debout

The land of standing stones “Men Zao”

In the 18th century, the territory of Névez experienced an unprecedented demographic boom. The local population’s need for food was increasing and farmers were struggling to speed up their production because of the presence of huge granite blocks in the middle of their fields. They tried to get the help of the stone cutters to […]

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Tourisme - Alignements de Carnac

The megalithic sites of Carnac

These stones are a group of megalithic sites around the village of Carnac. They were erected by the pre-Celtic peoples of Brittany and would have served a variety of functions, including burial places, temples and alignments related to astronomical events. The collection was built from the late Neolithic to the early Iron Age, around 4000 […]

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Tourisme - étale de fruits et légumes du marché de nos villages

The markets of our Breton villages

The charm of the village market remains a must during a stay in South Finistère. A place for open-air exchanges, you will find fresh produce, cold meats, cheeses, breads and pastries, flowers and plants, wines, clothes and accessories or local crafts. Come and meet rural Brittany, rich in tradition and character, as you stroll through […]

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Kerbeleg - La Longère

Suggested itinerary for your day (or a little more) around Kerbeleg…

Here are some direct links to guide you to some beautiful places to discover around Kerbeleg, in the direction of Concarneau, but by the side roads: Pont-Aven A riverside walk and once a place of inspiration for painters, this timeless site reveals a magnificent, peaceful and poetic path. Leave your car at the port to […]

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Tourisme Pont-Aven La Cite des Peintres Les Galleries

The galleries of the city of painters of Pont-Aven

Only 8 minutes from Kerbeleg, discover the city of the painters of Pont-Aven, with its 60 art galleries. Since the arrival in 1865 of painters such as Gauguin, Sérusier or Bernard, at the origin of the Pont-Aven School, this city of artists is a little jewel between sea and countryside. Its small harbour, accessible by […]

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Tourisme - Kerbeleg - Dégustation d'Huitres du Château du Bélon

Tasting of Bélon oysters

The flat oysters of Bélon come from the Ria du Bélon. Taste them at sunset, served with a glass of white wine or a beer from Riec-sur-Bélon “Le Grain Du Ponant”. They will be a perfect aperitif for an unforgettable moment. Bélon oysters are one of the most sought-after seafood dishes in France. Flat in […]

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Tourisme - Locronan Finistère ruelle

From Kerbeleg to Concarneau and Locronan

Your stay continues towards the “Far West”? Here are a few points of interest from South Finistère to the medieval village of Locronan.Not to be missed (click on “More options” to start the navigation):

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Kerbeleg - Tourisme Concarneau la Ville CloseAncre de Marine

Towns & villages

Pont-Aven (8 km – cycle track from Riec-sur-Bélon) :The village is one of the “most beautiful villages of France”, the museum, the chapel of Trémalo (still open and which houses the Christ from which Gauguin drew inspiration for his paintings), the art galleries. Kerascoët (19 km) : One of the oldest hamlets in Brittany with […]

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A relaxing weekend in Brittany 3 hours from Paris

No less than eleven trains leave the Montparnasse station daily. They serve Lorient station (2h55) and 6 serve Quimperlé (3h20). The new high-speed line now brings your weekend in Brittany closer to Paris. Its wild coastline, tourist attractions and beaches are just a stone’s throw from the capital. Come and relax just a few minutes […]

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Kerbeleg - Tourisme Allée couverte de Kerantiec granite

Archaeological site of Penn-ar-Bed

Covered arched walkway of Kerantiec This type of monument dates from the end of the Neolithic period and was in use in the third millennium BC as a collective burial place for members of a group of farmers and stockbreeders in the country.This monument is one of a series of eight, three in Morbihan and […]

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Kerbeleg - Tourisme Moulin à Marée du Hénan

The Hénan tidal mill

The Hénan tidal mill is located on the banks of the Aven, along the GR®34. It is a symbol of Névez’ heritage which has been restored and can produce flour. There are accounts that mention tide mills as early as the 15th century. The Hénan mill uses the ebb and flow of the river Aven […]

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The Promenades

In Pont-Aven :

Stroll on the Aven by boat from the port
Xavier Grall walk (nice little walk along the Aven)
Hike on the Bois d’Amour
Walk on the coastal path of the Aven (departure at the end of the port of Pont-Aven)
On the coast :
Hike on the coastal path of Bélon (departure from the chapel St-Léger to the huitrières of the castle of Bélon)
Hike from the Fort du Bélon to the mouth of the Aven and Bélon rivers

But also :

To the West: Kerdruc (14 km), Port-Manech (18 km), Rospico (18 km), Tahiti (19 km), Raguénez (19 km), Trévignon (21 km)… up to the Pointe du Raz, which is the furthest west in Finistère (101 km)
Towards the East : Le Bélon (11 km), Rosbras (12 km), Kerfany (12 km), Trénez (12 km), Moelan (11 km), Brigneau (9,6 km), Merrien (10 km), Clohars-Carnoët (11 km), Doëlan (13 km), le Kerou (15 km), le Pouldu (16 km)… until Fort Bloque, already in Morbihan, which is the place to be for water sports enthusiasts and more particularly for kitesurfers (29 km)