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par Fabien Raveton

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Discover the Roches du Diable: Hell and the natural beauty of the Ellé river

In the heart of the Ellé valley, an impressive natural site comes to life, combining age-old legends and wild beauty. The Roches du Diable (Devil’s Rocks), a place where hell and holiness clashed, transport you into a mysterious and majestic world. Discover the fascinating history of this wooded and undulating region between Le Faouët and […]

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Close-up of the Mandala vegetable garden: Revelations about invisible life

At the heart of our Mandala vegetable garden, a secret, miniature world blooms under the gentle kiss of the sun. It’s a spectacle that only the most attentive observers can appreciate, a ballet of life revealed in all its splendour when you dive into the fascinating world of insects, flowers and plants in macro photography. […]

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Uncle Fafa’s oriental pan-fried pumpkin and green beans

To give our garden vegetables a taste of yesteryear, this tasty recipe will tantalise your taste buds. (Serves 2) Ingredients Recipe Serving suggestion Serve on a plate, moulded in a circle, with slices of gherkins ‘à la russe’ for a slightly acidic balance and buckwheat pancake crisps for a perfect crunch.

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Auntie Nana’s goat’s cheese and aubergine crumble

Ingredients Serves 2-3: (alternatively, replace the aubergine with courgette) Recipe Serving suggestion Serve warm with a salad or seasoned rocket salad”

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Aude’s courgette carpaccio

For a sunny day, this refreshing starter will awaken your taste buds. Ingredients Recipe

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