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The little house in the park, a little hiding place for creatures looking for a cosy nest

Small, bushy-tailed rodent or charming cottage?

Why did we call our new suite ‘The Squirrels’?


The red squirrel, with its stocky body, adorable face and bushy tail, is the cutest little creature in our Breton forests. This doe-eyed rodent skirts around the undergrowth and moves from tree to tree. It survives successfully against its predators.

A family of squirrels can have up to four pups in summer and occasionally six in winter. They have an instinctive need to feed. Once the baby squirrel is born, it begins to forage for nuts on its own for the first few weeks of life. The adult squirrel involves all members of the group in this hunt, with each larger member helping a smaller one. Squirrels mate for a 2-3 week season before hibernating until spring.

At night, when there are no humans around, the shy squirrel spends a lot of time looking after its food and preparing for the night. Our little friend lies down just below the surface of the ground he has created by gathering leaves and straw from the forest. He sleeps upright when not eating to keep an eye out for predatory birds looking to swoop down on unsuspecting prey.


The brain of a squirrel is about the size of a walnut and has about 9 million neurons. Studies show that they enjoy solving puzzles like humans and are among the most intelligent animals. Sociable and very resourceful, they have the ability to deceive and pretend… After humans, squirrels are the best climbers and the biggest jumpers and swimmers of all animals with a backbone.

So why did you choose the name “Les Écureuils” to rename the former bakery of the manor farm?

Simply because this little rodent is like us: He is greedy, sociable but solitary and resourceful, looking for his comfort and the safety of his family far from prying eyes. The little cottage “Les Écureuils” will be your ideal little retreat for couples or families.

Published on: 22 June 2022  -  Filed under: Bed and Breakfast