housses de couette en lin

The cosy comfort of linen

Linen is a natural fibre that has been used for centuries to produce household linen.

Our duvet covers and pillowcases are made of linen to give you many benefits and a good night’s sleep. They are comfortable, the fabric is soft, breathable and cool in summer, yet warm in winter. Our duvet covers are used in place of blankets for good temperature maintenance.

Its natural crumpled look and unique fall give it its charm. Linen regulates temperature much better than synthetic materials or cotton. Linen duvet covers also have great health benefits. If you are sensitive to skin or synthetic fibres, the linen contains no allergens and is more resistant to odours, making it the ideal choice for prestigious guest rooms like Kerbeleg.

The refinement of this luxury fabric is unparalleled.

Published on: 24 April 2022  -  Filed under: Bed and Breakfast, Life at home