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Beautiful coastal walks and country walks


From Saint Nazaire to Mont Saint Michel, the GR®34 will make you discover sublime marine panoramas. Take advantage of your stay in Kerbeleg to follow some sections.

Known for its rias, the region from Concarneau to Lorient offers a vast choice of walks. Stroll along the banks of the rias, those stretches of sea that penetrate the interior of the country. Here you will find small, confidential ports whose incredible luminosity and shades of colour will fascinate you. Hikers and famous painters alike find peace and inspiration here.

Whether it’s for an hour or a day, the coastline and rias of the Riec-sur-Bélon and Pont Aven area offer wonderful walks.

Randonnee du Pouldu au site abbatial de Saint Maurice 5

From Le Pouldu to the abbey site of Saint Maurice

This magnificent walk up the Laïta from Le Pouldu beach will take you to the exceptional site of the former St Maurice abbey. If you ask for a lift:Duration : 1h30 one wayDistance : 6.5 km one way If you wish to make the return trip, you can also park your car at Le Pouldu, […]

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Discover the Roches du Diable: Hell and the natural beauty of the Ellé river

In the heart of the Ellé valley, an impressive natural site comes to life, combining age-old legends and wild beauty. The Roches du Diable (Devil’s Rocks), a place where hell and holiness clashed, transport you into a mysterious and majestic world. Discover the fascinating history of this wooded and undulating region between Le Faouët and […]

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Long hike loop “Bélon-Aven”

Duration: 1.50 hour You will first be amazed by the vision of the small port on the opposite shore, then by the wild and exuberant flora of the Bélon which will lead you to the point of Perquénéo, open to the immense and infinite Atlantic Ocean. Once there, climb up the hill and contemplate the […]

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GR34 walk from Pont Aven to Port Manech

This magical half-day hike requires a little preparation because it is long. It follows the banks of the Aven through the undergrowth. You will discover a sublime fauna and flora, lunar landscapes at low tide. A mini-bus is available during the summer season from Port Manech to Pont Aven and will pick you up easily, […]

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fond du belon

From the Guilly bridge to the Bélon port

Duration: 2h30 round trip Leave your car at the car park at the bottom of the Bélon after the Guilly bridge. Just a three minute drive from Kerbeleg, explore the magnificent banks of this early ria of the Bélon through the undergrowth, which will take you to the picturesque little port of the same name. […]

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The GR®34

The GR®34 is a walking route that stretches over 2000 kms from the south of Brittany to the north, and is one of the most popular long-distance paths in France. There are many sections of the GR®34 South Finistère around Riec-sur-Bélon, Moëlan-sur-Mer and Pont Aven. You can find detailed information about these walks on this […]

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Stroll from the port of Pont Aven to the Chapel of Trémalo

Durée : 2 heures Starting from the port of Pont Aven, you will cross this charming little village with 14 mills. Go up the Aven along the “Bois d’Amour” promenade, which was the source of inspiration for many paintings. Going back up the river, you will finally branch off through the heights of Pont Aven […]

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perspective du belon et vue sur locean depuis le chateau du belon

From Riec-sur-Bélon to Penquernéo

Durée : 3 heures (1h 30 aller) To reach Penquernéo, leave your vehicle below Riec-sur-Bélon and begin your walk by following the ria du Bélon on the right. You will follow the meanders of this GR®34 customs path before branching off temporarily into the countryside to reach the Bélon Castle. This historic oyster farming site […]

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Port of Doëlan

Your route starts on the left bank of Doëlan. Leave your vehicle at the entrance to the village and let yourself be carried to the mouth after the green lighthouse. You will take the coastal path ‘des douaniers’ GR®34 as soon as you leave this ria in South Finistère. The view of the harbour, where […]

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From Goulet Riec cove to Penquernéo headland

Duration: 30 minutes This walk will take you from the little cove of Goulet Riec along the Aven to the ocean. You can admire the few properties overlooking the river and the Saint-Nicolas de Port-Manech beach on the opposite bank. Once you’ve reached the headland, push on up the hill to the ruins of the […]

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