Kerbeleg - Tourisme Pont-Aven le Bois d'Amour - Randonnées GR®34

Beautiful coastal walks and country walks


From Saint Nazaire to Mont Saint Michel, the GR®34 will make you discover sublime marine panoramas. Take advantage of your stay in Kerbeleg to follow some sections.

Known for its rias, the region from Concarneau to Lorient offers a vast choice of walks. Stroll along the banks of the rias, those stretches of sea that penetrate the interior of the country. Here you will find small, confidential ports whose incredible luminosity and shades of colour will fascinate you. Hikers and famous painters alike find peace and inspiration here.

Whether it’s for an hour or a day, the coastline and rias of the Riec-sur-Bélon and Pont-Aven area offer wonderful walks.



“The idea matured to go and explore this beautiful part of India, an opportunity to test on canvas reactive mixtures of ‘desert sand’ and laterite on this theme.”

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Peinture - Fabien Raveton - (2006) Porteur Népalais au fagots 120x120

Nepalese wood carrier at the monkey bridge

“We are approaching Phakding in the Everest Valley on our way back. Our trek of over 200kms is coming to an end and ahead of us, to cross that last monkey bridge, a porter loaded with a ‘mountain’ of wood waits patiently for the yaks crossing in his direction to reach our side. He is […]

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Long hike loop “Bélon-Aven”

Duration: 2 hours You will first be amazed by the vision of the small port on the opposite shore, then by the wild and exuberant flora of the Bélon which will lead you to the point of Perquénéo, open to the immense and infinite Atlantic Ocean. Once there, climb up the hill and contemplate the […]

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Tourisme - Kerbeleg - Dégustation d'Huitres du Château du Bélon

How are Bélon oysters grown?

In the calm, clear waters of the Bélon ria, a thousand-year-old tradition lives on. For centuries, the inhabitants of the region have carefully cultivated the famous flat oysters of Bélon, considered by gastronomes as the finest and most delicious in the world. It all starts with the selection of the most promising specimens. The spat […]

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Kerbeleg - Vitesse de Connection Internet

High speed internet to work or communicate from your guest room

Travelling is first and foremost a change of scenery, but it is also about sharing, with your family, sometimes far away, having to reconnect at work, a little, seeing a good film or a documentary in good conditions. At Kerbeleg, we do our best to provide you with a reliable and wireless internet connection during […]

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