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La Gacilly Photo Festival

jean-Michel Niron/Festival Photo La Gacilly 2022

Under the skies of La Gacilly, a small town nestled between the horizons of Rennes and Vannes, unfolds a spectacle for the senses, an extraordinary photographic festival that evokes the very essence of visual creation.

Launched in 2004, the Festival Photo La Gacilly is an immersive dive into some twenty open-air galleries, offering a visual journey to the heart of contemporary photographic expression. The cobblestones of the streets, the groves of the gardens and the nooks and crannies of the alleyways are transformed into canvases for the large-format works exhibited as part of this extraordinary event. In this anniversary year, the festival celebrates two decades of visual escapism, of profound questioning of our relationship with the world, and above all, of intimate connection with the nature that surrounds us.

jean-Michel Niron/Festival Photo La Gacilly 2022

The large-format, open-air photographs are set like finery on the stone buildings and in the green settings of La Gacilly, a village whose natural and architectural heritage serves as a magnificent backdrop to the more than 800 images on show. The boundaries between public space and artistic stage are blurred, creating a shared theatre open to all, with no monetary constraints. Footsteps mingle in the alleyways, families and friends come together, seasoned amateurs meet newcomers.

More than 300,000 visitors a year embark on this visual adventure, delving into their reflections on nature and the world, while discovering distant horizons that had perhaps been forgotten. The artistic programme is revealed with exquisite excellence, where names such as Sarah Moon, Jacques Henri Lartigue, Yann Arthus-Bertrand and others combine in a visual symphony. Since 2004, over 330 eminent photographers have offered their vision, uniting the worlds of art and photojournalism in a shared exploration of our relationship with our environment and the society around us.

michel Ségalou / Festival Photo La Gacilly 2022

The Festival Photo La Gacilly has become a committed crossroads, exploring social and environmental issues. Each year, the festival explores a dual theme, linking contemporary art from a particular country or continent with social and environmental issues. In an artistic dance, the event echoes the concerns and preoccupations that affect us all. By moving between exhibitions, the photographers shed light on our understanding of the issues, educating, awakening and mobilising the public around the crucial challenges shaping our planet.

For four months, without ticketing constraints, the web of photography unfolds for everyone. Families, social groups and even visitors with disabilities mingle, questioning and being lulled by the thought-provoking images. Throughout the year, the association’s public relations department continues its work, forging links and media to reach out to a variety of audiences.

Locally, nationally and internationally, the Festival Photo La Gacilly has become a cultural icon, shaping the identity and influence of Brittany. Supported by loyal partners united by shared values, the event is a vehicle for regional cohesion, a call to action and a driving force for sustainable development.

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