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Home-made breakfast

Yoghurt with jam and fruit

The freshness and indulgence of creamy milk and homemade jam. To start the day with a touch of sweetness, we offer you our delicious yoghurts with jam and fruit. These carefully prepared yogurts are a symphony of flavours and textures that will delight your taste buds.

Each spoonful of our yoghurts made with good whole milk gives you a creamy caress that feels fresh from the very first bite.

Kerbeleg - Petit Déjeuner Yaourt aux fruits maison

Enhanced with the fruits of the moment or our homemade jam, they’ll seduce you with their vibrant colours and flavours, adding a touch of vitality with every spoonful. You can also dive into the sweetness of our homemade jam, gently simmered to extract all the flavours of the fruit.

We like to surprise you with harmonious flavour combinations, combining the freshness of the fruit with the enchanting aromas of our homemade jams. Every day, our choices vary to offer you a unique experience at every breakfast.

We believe in starting the day on the right foot, taking the time to savour every mouthful. That’s why we make a point of selecting quality ingredients and preparing these jam and fruit yogurts with love, so that every morning is a celebration of delicacy and pleasure.

Whether you’re a fan of fresh fruit or sweet jams, our yoghurts will satisfy all your morning cravings. We hope this touch of freshness and indulgence will add a touch of happiness to your stay with us.

Published on: 27 July 2023  -  Filed under: Breakfast