Suite PRESTIGE Salle Haute

Comfortable rooms, private floor (capacity 4-6 persons)

The PRESTIGE Suite "Salle haute" (2-6 pax)

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2 large, comfortable bedrooms for 4 adults (with private bathrooms)
+ 1 small adjoining bedroom for 2 children (4 to 12 years old, up to 1m70)
+ 1 private WC for the suite. In this private suite, the entire floor is dedicated to you.

The small additional room adjoining the prestige room will allow you to benefit from two extra beds, a coat rack and a weekly wardrobe (a cabinet with 7 drawers) for the children. This room is not intended for adults.

We used all the decorations from our sons’ bedrooms when they grew up! Wooden toys are available for the children. They will be able to sit comfortably on the big red carpet to play. We haven’t forgotten about work…and a small desk with a chair will allow them to do their homework! The children will use the parents’ bathroom to wash themselves. Practical in the middle of the night, the toilets are right in front of their room, so they won’t disturb you.

(* The upper room in 15th century Breton manor houses was generally the main room on the upper floor of the house. It often served as a place of residence for the members of the family who owned the manor house. This room was often larger and more lavishly decorated than the other rooms in the house, and was used both as a bedroom and as a reception area for important guests. In addition to its residential use, the upper bedroom could also have important symbolic and social significance. It was often designed to reflect the status and power of the owning family, with luxurious decorative elements and high-quality furniture. What’s more, it was often in the upper room that important decisions were taken about land management, family affairs and political alliances).


Access via the 15th-century staircase

The rooms in the large house are not recommended for people with reduced mobility or very small children, as access is via this magnificent original stone staircase. Instead, select “Les écureuils”, which have ground-level access.