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Long hike loop “Bélon-Aven”

Duration: 1.50 hour

You will first be amazed by the vision of the small port on the opposite shore, then by the wild and exuberant flora of the Bélon which will lead you to the point of Perquénéo, open to the immense and infinite Atlantic Ocean. Once there, climb up the hill and contemplate the remains of the old Bélon fort, perched on the rocks overlooking the cliffs, with the ocean as far as the eye can see.

Continue your journey up the Aven and discover the charming properties overlooking the river, as well as the small beach of Saint-Nicolas de Port-Manech, surrounded by lush vegetation.

Finally, once at the Goulet Riec cove, don’t miss a break at the covered alley of Keriantec, a classified megalithic funerary monument. This site, one of the most well-preserved in Brittany, contains dolmens and standing stones that bear witness to Breton megalithic architecture and offer a fascinating insight into the culture and life of the megalithic peoples of the region. The drive back through the countryside will be made all the sweeter by this historic gem.

Published on: 5 February 2023  -  Filed under: Hiking