kerbeleg vitesse de connection internet

High speed internet to work or communicate from your guest room

Travelling is first and foremost a change of scenery, but it is also about sharing, with your family, sometimes far away, having to reconnect at work, a little, seeing a good film or a documentary in good conditions. At Kerbeleg, we do our best to provide you with a reliable and wireless internet connection during your stay. Being in the middle of the countryside gives you peace and quiet, but it is also this relative distance from the infrastructure that drives us to be ever more creative. Our installation connects simultaneously a 4G speed (high speed up to 60Mb/s, variable according to the weather) with that of ADSL (very stable but slower)

Each room has free access to WiFi when required.

Stay connected or take advantage of this natural interlude to… disconnect!

Published on: 1 February 2023  -  Filed under: Life at home