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Monsieur Shwill

An evening at Kerbeleg is in turn a cosy atmosphere in front of the fireplace, joyful laughter during a table football-billiard-pingpong tournament, musical exchanges where each one of us picks up one of our instruments, guitar, clarinet, violin, trumpet, bass, djembe, cajun, piano or pushes a song. Some old remnants of a studious childhood or a severe desire to continue to share this universal language that is music animates us all a little.

By far the most assiduous and creative, Louis, a professional musician and resident of Barcelona, alias “Monsieur Shwill”, will regale you with some bewitching or dancing melodies if he is passing by. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to listen to his best melodies or his latest creation available on all streaming platforms and of which here are some extracts:

A graduate of Barcelona’s classical conservatory, he is also a music producer, self-taught multi-instrumentalist and film composer.

His signature “orchestral trip-hop” music is infused with classical music, electro rhythms and surprisingly eclectic vocal collaborations.

Mr Shwill’s music will remind some of the likes of Bonobo, Troublemakers, Wax Tailor, Massive Attack, Emancipator and The Cinematic Orchestra.

But above all, Monsieur Shwill claims a music without labels, self-produced and independent; a musical imprint halfway between classical music, trip-hop, electro with subtle “pop” evocations; a cinematographic, introspective, comforting, free and unclassifiable music; a music that doesn’t let itself be pigeonholed; a music that is open to the World.

Published on: 30 May 2022  -  Filed under: Life at home