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When the bell rings

When it’s time to eat at Kerbeleg, the bell rings in the garden and the children’s footsteps crunch the gravel.

Kerbeleg - Décoration Cloche

If the excitement of the waves and the games are warming, the sea water is invigorating. On the way back from the beach, feet covered with sand, everyone waits for their turn for a good hot bath, lips a little blue. In pyjamas for the smallest of the group, the sound of the bell announces this so good moment of daily gathering around a good casserole.

If the church bells call to themselves those who are thirsty for the divine, the Kerbeleg bell calls those who are hungry… and those who love to share!

We find this spirit again with the welcome of our hosts when the day is getting dark. Weary from the road, groggy from the work, it’s time to relax in the setting sun. Only a few more bends and a little further down the road, the farmhouse opens its doors to them. A glass of welcome and friendship by the fireplace or under a parasol in summer, no more bells but the spirit remains.

Published on: 17 April 2022  -  Filed under: Life at home