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And all the while…

… LeeLoo’Ch (yes, that’s her name, for those of you who have seen Luc Besson’s The 5th Element, she’s the main character) is purring with all her red fur like a little fox. Our new little 6-9 month old cat, orphaned by the SPA, has joined her new home. She’s adorable but ultra-cautious of anything over 40cm tall. So you can approach her by crawling or lying on a bed, but as soon as you stand up on your hind legs, she scurries away. She loves to cuddle, so beware of cousins in need of a little tenderness for your next visit to K. She’s a miniature cat, so she won’t grow any bigger, in kitten-teen format.

Published on: 10 April 2021  -  Filed under: Renovations and upgrades