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“Stairway to heaven”, the new life of the staircase.

What a joy it is to find the clattering footsteps of our ‘little ones’, now grown up, quietly climbing the steps of the wooden staircase that leads to their bedrooms.

Goodbye cobalt blue and ultramarine blue carpets, closer to the blue of a gloomy Breton winter sky than the blue of the South Seas against a coral backdrop, soiled by so many muddy, grassy boots and sandy beach returns.

After tearing out the muted carpet to reveal the material we like so much, the bare wood is revealed. We ripped out the wood, scraped off the glue, sanded it from top to bottom and completely dismantled the heaving bearing, which was threatening to give way under the weight of a menhir bearer.

Next came the insulation of the creaks by reinforcing the structure, followed by the carving of a tread profile at the bottom, 1/4 oak roundels to link the top and bottom parquet floors, and then a ‘light oak’ vitrification to finish the job.

The staircase has been functional again since yesterday and is silent:

Published on: 10 February 2021  -  Filed under: Renovations and upgrades