ouverture cathedrale 5

The time has come for cathedraaaaa…!

It’s a rather pretentious term, I admit, for a farmhouse, but it’s the one traditionally used to describe this new ‘cathedral’ living room, which involves reclaiming all or part of an upper floor to give a room more volume, air and light. So here we are, back in the days of the ‘pillars of the earth’, ready to transform the piano room, the lungs of the house, and give the superb floral chandelier back its freedom.

The first stage consisted of recovering the upper part of the chimney by pitting the concrete that held it in place, then stripping the stone before redoing all the joints with lime so that it could breathe again.

The second involved cutting out the floor and beams, leaving the half ‘girls’ bedroom’ in view from the living room until it was integrated into the canopy bedroom.

The double light from the living room windows in its new version bathes the space. I’ll be adding a mirror to the platform of the one upstairs so that the sun’s rays bounce off the ceiling and against the light lime joints on the opposite wall. Demonstration in a future post.

Published on: 7 July 2020  -  Filed under: Renovations and upgrades