Chambre d'enfants LES PIOUPIOUS

The children’s bedroom “Les Pioupious”

To make them feel 'at home'

Their own space

This small room for two children is a complement to the room "LesOiseaux" (The Birds). Adjacent to your room, they stay close to you but leave you your privacy. It is more comfortable for you and for them than extra beds in your room.

It has two separate beds (1.85m x 0.83m), a coat rack and a 7-drawer wardrobe. Your children will be in peace and quiet and so will you. Leave the door open so you can hear them at night or let them play and relax in their private den.

The children can use the parents' bathroom to wash themselves and, conveniently at night, the toilet is right across the hall from their room. You'll have to share it with the parents, of course, but also with the guests of "LesOurs" (The Bears) Room.