kerbeleg carte 1950

The Mandala project

The land

Until the 1950s, agriculture in Brittany was dominated by small family farms. Consolidation changed this dynamic by grouping plots together and modernising them with new technologies. This increased productivity, but some farmers lost their land and Brittany’s traditional bocage landscape was destroyed. Despite this, Brittany remains a major agricultural region in France, reconciling modernity with respect for the environment.

Kerbelegou, once arable land for centuries, lost most of its protective embankments and rich ecosystem after the land consolidation. Vast tracts of land are now exposed to strong winds, endangering many of the two-hundred-year-old trees on the Kerbeleg plot, which still retains its protective granite embankments.

Kerbelegou 1950 vs 2020

Published on: 1 June 2023  -  Filed under: The Mandala