potager mandala kermit le crapaud

The Mandala Project

The toad, prince of the garden

Fellow gardeners, welcome to the enchanting world of the vegetable garden, where magic happens and miracles come to life! Today we present KERMIT, our little toad who still thinks he’s a pretty frog, a prince in the Mandala garden.

We had our eye on Kermit, lurking behind a stone in the well, so we invited him to take part in the Mandala adventure.

Imagine for a moment our verdant kitchen garden, where vegetables and fruit grow in profusion. A paradise for the taste buds and the eyes!

Gourmet hunter

Our toad is a formidable hunter of garden pests. As guardians of the ecological balance, they feed on unwanted insects. All those biting or voracious little creatures looking to nibble our precious vegetables will soon have to watch out! Kermit will be our vigilante, ready to do anything to defend our green oasis!


Our toad’s talents don’t stop there: he’s an unrivalled gardener. Did you know that toads love to dig little holes in the ground? Well, these holes are of vital importance in the garden. By digging, like some rodents, they aerate the soil, encouraging the circulation of air, water and nutrients. This makes it easier for plant roots to develop and draw on the elements they need to grow. So our toad will be one of the architects of our future fertile and generous soil!


An exceptional singer, Kermit will lull our starlit nights with some melodious and bewitching “lament of the lost slug”… He intoxicates plants with joy and encourages them to grow and prosper. The vegetables dance, the flowers sway to the rhythm of the croaking, and harmony reigns supreme. It’s like something out of a fairy tale… Croâaak! Away from our windows, fortunately.


Half-plant, half-soil, tucked away under a cosy bed of mulch, we’ll let it rest until its larder comes into view.

The next time you see a cute little toad in our garden, take it as a sign of good fortune. Thank it for all the good it does. Our little green heroes are veritable allies in the fight against pests and masters of gardening. They deserve all our gratitude.

Published on: 3 July 2023  -  Filed under: The Mandala