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Discovery of the city of painters from Kerbeleg

Visit Pont Aven

During your stay in Kerbeleg, a visit to Pont Aven is a must. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the history of the Pont Aven School thanks to guided tours of the places that inspired the artists, such as the Bois d’Amour promenade and the Hotel Julia, now the Pont Aven Museum, where many artists stayed.

In addition to its rich artistic heritage, a visit to Pont Aven will also allow you to discover a gourmet town that offers a variety of culinary specialities not to be missed. You will be able to visit nearby companies that produce the palets and galettes, recognisable by their delicacy and inimitable taste.

Seafood is also a speciality of Pont Aven, with a special place given to flat oysters from the Bélon river. When visiting Pont Aven, you can sample these delicacies in the town’s restaurants, which offer a variety of seafood dishes prepared with fresh, local ingredients.

Crêpes and galettes made from wheat or buckwheat, accompanied by a bowl of cider, are also a must-try during your stay in Pont Aven. These Breton delicacies are prepared with local ingredients and served in restaurants and crêperies in the town.

In addition to its rich artistic and culinary heritage, a visit to the village will also allow you to discover a beautiful traditional architecture, with stone houses dating from the 18th and 19th centuries. You can admire these houses during a walk through the town, which is crossed by the river Aven offering picturesque landscapes and a peaceful atmosphere.

You can also enjoy the surrounding nature, with hiking and cycling trails offering panoramic views of the Breton countryside. The beach of Plage de Port Manec’h, located a few kilometres from the town, offers a beautiful sandy beach and a view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Finally, the town of Pont Aven is also known for its local markets, which offer a variety of handicrafts, such as ceramics, jewellery and textiles. The markets are an ideal opportunity to discover the local culture and meet the locals during your visit.

All in all, Pont Aven offers you an enriching experience by discovering its cultural, culinary and natural treasures.

Published on: 23 April 2023  -  Filed under: To be discovered