Regles de la Petanque Royale sur Table de Billard Francais

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Pétanque Royale on a French Billiard Table

Règles de la Pétanque Royale sur Table de Billard Français ()

Dive into the thrilling world of Pétanque Royale sur Table de Billard Français, an adventure concocted for fun by the talented Darry Cowl, billiards maestro and king of fun in the 60s! Whether you’re with family or friends, young or old, there’s something for everyone, and you don’t have to be an expert to play. It’s simple and fun!

Here are the rules of this crazy game that cleverly blends the charm of pétanque with the excitement of billiards :

Equipment :

  • 4 sets of coloured balls.
  • A smaller pink jack.
  • A French billiard table.

Simple game with children:

Flow of the game:

  1. Players start in the area between the bottom rail and the 2nd “fly” line.
  2. A brave player throws the jack from the starting area, making 2 strips beforehand, behind the “flies” on the carpet, a quarter of the way from the table.
  3. As in pétanque, the aim is to get as close as possible to the jack without crossing the offside zone (before the 2nd fly).
  4. The player or team closest to the goal keeps the hand and lets the opposing team(s) play until one of them is closer to the jack, but be careful not to go over the width of the billiard table with your body – it’s forbidden!

Points to remember:

  • The table is not the entire playing area: an “out of play” zone is marked off a quarter of the way along the billiard table. Any ball entering this zone is removed, except for the jack, which is put back into play by the opponent.
  • The game is played to ten points. If a player thinks that he is the only one who can score points (because his opponent has run out of balls), he can count his points at any time to avoid losing the game. Otherwise, he must play.

Game for adults only:

  • The rules are the same, but using a billiard cue.
  • Only the small cushion at the bottom is compulsory, unless you decide otherwise.

Video game (adults):

So what are you waiting for? Dive into the action of Pétanque Royale on a French Billiard Table and may the best team win!

Regles de la Petanque Royale sur Table de Billard Francais

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