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Move from one village to another, from one valley to another, enjoying a unique accommodation and welcome at each stage.

Itinerant tourism: the big trend in South Finistère

The beauty and accessibility of Brittany are now an essential factor in its attractiveness at any time of the year. Its friendly village life, its leisure activities such as fishing, sailing, coastal walks and sea bathing invite you to discover the unsuspected charms of Brittany.

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Kerbeleg is part of the France Vélo Tourisme network and favours a ‘soft’ itinerant tourism consisting of spending a few nights in guest houses, discovering the surroundings and continuing your exploration of Brittany using non-motorised means. We will guide you in your quest for a successful stay that respects nature and the surrounding area.

The desire of young people to travel to environmentally friendly communities and have more positive experiences than tourism in distant countries is a strong trend in recent years. The challenge is to make these communities a reality by promoting more sustainable tourism. Kerbeleg is part of this spirit of offering a heritage experience close to nature, in the quiet of the countryside while remaining a short bike ride from the sea.

This new experience invites you to discover a vast cultural heritage with many natural wonders while relaxing from everyday life.

Our South Finistère region is perfect if you want to ‘slow down’ and sample the local culture in small communities away from the big tourist centres. The wealth of attractions include castles, medieval towns, small fishing ports and a variety of sporting activities.

This slow-paced lifestyle is ideal in this part of France, whose charm now attracts many visitors seeking relaxation and well-being. The hiking trails will take you through breathtaking natural landscapes that no motorised vehicle can offer.

Published on: 1 July 2022  -  Filed under: Bed and Breakfast