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Home-made breakfast

Teas and infusions

We’ve created a special selection of teas and infusions to satisfy all your tastes and offer you a unique tasting experience throughout the day.

You are welcome to help yourself to our varied range of teas and infusions. Our selection is regularly updated according to current availability, guaranteeing fresh, exquisite flavours.

For those who prefer subtle, delicate flavours, we offer organic white tea with lemon, a refined blend that combines the sweetness of white tea with the sunny freshness of lemon.

For lovers of spicy flavours, our ginger and lemon infusion is an ideal choice. The stimulating combination of ginger and the liveliness of lemon gently wakes you up and revitalises you.

We also have an organic infusion of lemongrass, mate and verbena, a soothing combination that transports you to the heart of nature, for a moment of absolute relaxation.

For those who prefer sweet and refreshing blends, our liquorice & mint infusion is a real treat. Let yourself be seduced by the sweetness of liquorice combined with the freshness of mint for a balanced and comforting taste experience.

If you’re looking for a spicy and invigorating touch, our ginger & lemon infusion will meet your expectations. The combination of spicy ginger and tangy lemon offers you an energising and invigorating taste journey.

For fans of intense, bewitching flavours, we offer the classic chai, an infusion of intoxicating spices that warms the heart and mind.

Finally, for those who love the combination of tea and spices, our Green Tea & Cinnamon is a delicious choice. The sweetness of green tea blends perfectly with the warm notes of cinnamon for a richly flavoured experience.

We want these delicate flavours to help make your stay even more enjoyable and relaxing. Whether it’s to accompany your breakfast, for a gourmet break in the afternoon or for a moment of relaxation in the evening, our teas and infusions will awaken your senses and offer you special moments of well-being.

Feel free to explore our varied range of teas and infusions throughout your stay (flavours change regularly)

Published on: 27 July 2023  -  Filed under: Breakfast