Vegetable garden

Vegetable garden baskets

This is our first summer of harvests, late harvests because the time taken to create the Mandala meant that we had to postpone sowing and planting the plants indoors and growing them in the Mandala. The first successes, the first delights, a few failures too, but always the joy of learning and enjoying fruit and […]

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Published on: 7 August 2023  -  Filed under: Vegetable garden

Stevia for sweet tooths

It took a long time to germinate, and its fragile micro-seeds required a great deal of patience, but now it finally takes pride of place in the Mandala, the friend of diabetics and gourmets alike. Stevia, that little green plant, is a precious ally in the kitchen garden! You too can grow it on your […]

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Published on: 14 June 2023  -  Filed under: Vegetable garden

When pumpkins take off!

We set aside the organic waste from the kitchen and added the solid residues from our liquid manure fermentation, creating a smelly mini-butte which, covered with straw to mask the stench, housed a small handful of pumpkin seeds. The result is amazing! Giant leaves and unusual proliferation (these are the same seeds that last year […]

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Published on: 13 June 2023  -  Filed under: Vegetable garden