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Claustra, le tuto…

What was still a small, dark, low-ceilinged corridor leading to the old kitchen in the spring is now a short, but bright and high passageway to the new one. So, in the spirit of brightening up the rooms, I decided to install a half-timbered clerestory.

Once the partition had been erected to a height of 1 metre and fixed to the stone, I set to work on the 6 rough-sawn pine posts, sanding and smoothing them, blunting the edges to give a slightly rustic but not overly rustic look, pampering them and adjusting them so that there was no room for cutting errors, to the nearest millimetre.

Antoine joins me for the weekend and we get down to the precise cutting, the pegging, the internal routing to slide in the holding angles, in short, a meticulous carpentry job begins, the design accepting no visible anchoring points while ensuring high resistance to pressure and multiple impacts from passing traffic.

Published on: 12 November 2020  -  Filed under: Renovations and upgrades