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Garage – Small dining room – Utility room… Water rising!

We already knew the garage, which became a small north-facing dining room where we had so many breakfasts, courgette gratins and sausage and purée puddings at the end of a beach day, but the future laundry room is taking on a generous amount of water.

The doors have lived through the years, suffering from the claws of cats and dogs, the rising waters of the gutter and, more recently, the flooding of the kitchen. The wood at the bottom of the doors has become spongy, and the mechanisms have seized up to the point where you can’t open the leaves except with a hammer and chisel.

Dismantling the locking mechanisms, rust-proofing, stripping, scraping away the soaked wood, cutting and amputating, trimming the cleats, routing the gutters in the new rain gutters, plastering, planing, sanding and painting to give new life to these doors that have seen so much traffic. a little before and after of the day. Just 56 more door and window leaves (no, it’s not a joke, I counted three times and broke out into a cold sweat, there are 65 in all, of all sizes) to restore or, at best, strip and repaint before fitting thermal double-glazing. Winter 2021 will be hot, and winter 2020 is shaping up to be ultra-laborious (and therefore ‘hot’ too)

Published on: 4 November 2020  -  Filed under: Renovations and upgrades