kerbeleg 1962 cheval m furic

Heritage & Ecology

Preserving the history of this house while transforming it to make it feel like home will be the most difficult of tasks. Endearing because its walls exude our carefree years, it will have allowed us to envisage numerous combinations of space and circulation rearrangement and colour schemes, while preserving its character. Deciding what to do would be a very difficult task.

The first task was to move the contents, our history, our childhood, which we distributed as widely as possible in the family. Fortunately, many of the items that didn’t find a home were given a second life by a charity in Quimperlé. As for the rest, a dizzying array of mouldy, irreparable objects, larders for wood-eating beetles and mountains of fabric and spare parts kept ‘just in case’ and never found a buyer ended up in the skip or in the recycling bin. It’s not very environmentally friendly, but once every sixty years is reasonable, we think, and our mother planet will forgive us these little deviations. We’ll be planting trees… A huge thank you again to Armelle who helped us manage the logistics with her conductor’s baton.

Mr Furic’s horse in 1962 in front of the south façade of the historic building.
The horse is no longer there, so much the worse, and neither are the electricity poles, so much the better.

Published on: 24 January 2020  -  Filed under: Renovations and upgrades