semis en interieur le mandala kerbeleg 43

The Mandala project

An office, a greenhouse?

It all starts with the seed.

It’s the middle of winter, February 2023, the dozens of packets of reproducible seeds are piling up on the desk and we’re itching to finally give life to those thousands of little vegetables and aromatic plants in the making. This year, to give the kitchen garden every chance of flourishing, we’re taking the initiative.

We equipped the office, in the half-light of these too-short days, with a UV/IR growth lamp that we programmed to ‘shine’ for 16 hours a day. The first seedlings struggled to germinate, the temperature was not optimal, but the first shoots finally appeared after a few days.

The frenetic, meditative and silent work of putting the seeds one by one in small pots of soil is a real treat.

Published on: 20 June 2023  -  Filed under: The Mandala