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Home-made breakfast

Honey from Riec-sur-Bélon

We’re lucky enough to be neighbours with a passionate beekeeper for over thirty years: Patrick Guyader, who runs his hives in Riec-sur-Bélon. His passion for bees and nature is reflected in the exceptional honey we are pleased to offer you with your breakfast.

This honey from Riec-sur-Bélon is a real marvel of flavour, and every morning you can savour it on our breakfast table. The sweetness and rich flavours of this honey are the result of the meticulous work of bees, eagerly gathering the flowers of our region. Each jar of honey is the fruit of ancestral know-how.

We are convinced that you will fall under the spell of this unique honey and that you will want to extend this pleasure beyond your stay with us. That’s why we encourage you to visit Patrick at his honey house in Riec-sur-Bélon, where he sells 1kg jars of different honeys, each with its own unique characteristics.

Spring Honey, with its delicate floral notes, captures the first blooms of the season, offering a light, ephemeral sweetness that awakens the senses. Flower Honey, meanwhile, is a veritable bouquet of flavours, bringing together the varied nectars of field and garden flowers for an explosion of flavours on the palate. Finally, Miel de Châtaigniers, a fuller-bodied, more intense honey, is a honey with character that will delight palates in search of new sensations.

At Patrick Guyader, each jar of honey is much more than just a product, it’s a story, a passion, and a deep connection with nature. By buying his honey, you are supporting a dedicated local beekeeper and the preservation of bees, which are essential to the balance of our ecosystem.

We’re delighted to be able to share this delicious experience with you, and hope you’ll be seduced by the enchanting sweetness of honey from Riec-sur-Bélon. Don’t hesitate to extend this adventure by visiting Patrick Guyader to discover the range of flavours of his authentic, tasty honeys. We look forward to welcoming you to Kerbeleg and sharing these natural treasures with you.

Published on: 27 July 2023  -  Filed under: Breakfast