aquarelle chants des oiseaux rouge gorge mesange moineau pivert chardonneret tourterelles merles

The Mandala


As the sun peeks over the horizon, the countryside and its tiny ecosystem awakes around the Mandala to the melodious sound of birds. The first rays caress the sleeping countryside, gently warming the pink-tinted sky and the tallest bean plants entwining their ears of corn.

The silence of the night gradually dissipates, replaced by a symphony of birds. The first to speak is the robin, perched on a branch near the window of a house. Its melodious voice wakes up the surrounding area. Its soft, melancholy song fills the fresh morning air, creating a peaceful and enchanting atmosphere.


Nature awakening in the middle of the Mandala in the morning:

In the nearby trees, the great tits begin their morning serenade. Their chirps and trills fill the air, vibrating with energy and joy. Their varied songs blend harmoniously, forming a symphony of joyous notes.

Suddenly, the house sparrow joins the choir, adding his voice full of life and vitality. Its quick, lively chirps evoke a gentle bustle, inviting the other birds to join in the musical festivities. In response, the woodpecker drums on the trunk of an old oak, setting the rhythm of nature’s song with its steady tapping.

In an aerial ballet, the goldfinches appear, their colourful wings glistening in the light of the rising sun. Their complex, melodious song, woven from trills and warbles, creates a spellbinding symphony, captivating the morning audience.

Meanwhile, the turtle doves take to the wing gracefully, emitting their soothing coo. Their soft, comforting calls mingle with the peaceful atmosphere, filling hearts with quietude and serenity.

Finally, the blackbird rises from a solitary branch, revealing its powerful, haunting voice. Its melodious, varied song, like a well-orchestrated symphony, marks the climax of the birds’ awakening. Her song echoes across the countryside, attracting the attention of all attentive listeners.

As the sun climbs higher in the sky, the bird symphony gradually subsides, giving way to daytime activity. The harmonious songs of the morning birds still echo in the air, carrying with them an aura of beauty and tranquillity.

With the creation of the Mandala vegetable garden and its crown of flowers for pollinators, hundreds of animals of all fur and feathers have taken up residence in the Kerbeleg gardens. An enchanting concert, louder every morning, awakens sleeping nature and delights the souls of our guests and those who take the time to listen.

Published on: 14 July 2023  -  Filed under: Garden and Vegetable Garden