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The Chapel of the Yellow Christ, an enchanting sanctuary where history and divinity unite

The chapel of Trémalo

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In the heart of the Breton countryside, in the peaceful commune of Pont Aven, stands a strikingly beautiful building: the chapel of Notre-Dame de Trémalo. Its flamboyant gothic architecture, a legacy from a distant past, gives this building a mystical aura that enchants visitors from all over the world.

The chapel of Trémalo was built in the 16th century, thanks to the generosity of the faithful and local patrons who wanted to build a place of worship dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Throughout the ages, it has endured trials and tribulations, valiantly resisting the assaults of time and the vicissitudes of history. Today, it stands proudly as a sentinel of the past, bearing witness to the religious fervour and skill of the craftsmen who participated in its construction.

When you walk through the doors of the Notre-Dame de Trémalo chapel, it is as if time stands still. The slender Gothic vaults rise majestically towards the sky, bathed in a mysterious darkness. The rays of light filtering through the coloured stained glass windows dance on the stone walls, creating a celestial spectacle. One feels transported to another world, a world where art and spirituality come together harmoniously.

The treasures that inhabit this sacred building are countless. A marble altar, of remarkable finesse, stands in the heart of the chapel, decorated with delicate sculptures that narrate the most emblematic biblical episodes. Statues of saints, frozen in their eternal devotion, watch over the faithful and visitors, offering a comforting presence.


The moments of meditation and prayer take on a special dimension here. The serene and spiritual atmosphere invites each person to plunge into the depths of their being, to leave behind the worries and torments of the outside world. Within these walls steeped in history, the murmur of prayers mingles with silence, and one feels a tangible proximity to the divine.

The Notre-Dame de Trémalo chapel is more than just a place of worship. It is a symbol of resilience and perseverance, having overcome the trials and tribulations of history. It has become a sanctuary, attracting pilgrims seeking healing and comfort. Believers come to place their offerings and light candles, expressing their devotion to the Virgin Mary, who is said to have granted miracles to those who begged her in faith.


Beyond its religious dimension, the chapel of Trémalo is also a place where art and culture meet. Concerts of sacred music resound in the chapel, offering an enchanting sound experience. Celestial melodies soar through the vaults, enveloping the audience in an aura of solemnity and beauty. Angelic voices mingle with the resonance of the instruments, creating a heavenly harmony that transports souls to higher realms.

The Trémalo chapel also opens its doors to contemporary art, inviting visitors to discover ephemeral exhibitions that dialogue with the thousand-year-old history of the place. Works of art by talented artists are displayed between the centuries-old walls, creating an unexpected marriage between tradition and modernity. Bright colours and bold shapes confront the sobriety of the stone, provoking intense emotion in those who contemplate these creations.

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Beyond the chapel itself, the surrounding landscape adds to its magic. The lush gardens, dotted with brightly coloured flowers, invite you to stroll and contemplate. Visitors stroll through the paths, breathing in the heady scents that mingle with the fresh air of Brittany. The century-old trees stand proudly, seemingly guarding the secrets of the chapel for generations.

A visit to the Trémalo chapel is a true immersion in history and spirituality. It is an experience that transcends time and space, transporting everyone into a world of mystery and grace. Whether you are a believer or not, the magic that emanates from these centuries-old walls leaves no one indifferent.


The Notre-Dame de Trémalo chapel is a precious heritage, preserved and protected by enthusiasts who are keen to pass it on to future generations. It embodies timeless beauty, the power of faith and the profound link between art and spirituality. It remains a shining beacon in the small town of Pont Aven, attracting travellers in search of authenticity and inspiration.

When visitors leave the chapel, they take with them a part of its soul, an ineffable imprint that will continue to haunt them long after they have left. They will have experienced a moment of communion with the divine, a timeless interlude where art, culture and spirituality intertwine to create a unique experience. The Notre-Dame de Trémalo chapel will remain forever engraved in their memory, like an immortal icon in the landscape of Brittany.

Published on: 19 May 2023  -  Filed under: History and Heritage