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A symphony of granite and spirituality

The valley of the saints

A treasure carved in stone

The Valley of the Saints, nestled in the heart of Brittany, is a true jewel in the making. This extraordinary place, praised by travellers and praised by the inhabitants, is home to monumental statues, immutable witnesses to Breton history and spirituality.

The origin of a bold vision

This adventure began in 2008, with the birth of the association La Vallée des Saints. Its ambitious objective was to promote the region’s religious and cultural heritage while boosting its local economy. A team of artists, mainly Breton sculptors, came together to bring these legendary figures to life.

Works of art that tell the storySituated in Carnoët, in the Côtes-d’Armor, the site extends over several hectares and offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside. The statues, sculpted in granite, stand majestically on a hill, like guardians of history. Their imposing forms, some reaching up to 4 metres in height, captivate the eyes and arouse the wonder of visitors.

Artworks that tell the story

Each strikingly beautiful sculpture tells the story of a Breton saint. Their finely chiselled features and intense expressions testify to the talent of the artists who created these masterpieces. The accompanying granite plaques reveal the identity and importance of each saint in Breton tradition, inviting visitors to delve into the intricacies of this thousand-year-old culture.

A participatory project set in stone

The Valley of the Saints is also a participatory project, an invitation to commitment and transmission. The statues can be sponsored by individuals and companies who wish to support this initiative. In exchange, their names are eternally engraved on the plaques of the statues, testifying to their generosity and their attachment to this common heritage.

A shining beacon of tourism

The Valley of the Saints has become a veritable tourist beacon, attracting visitors from all over the world every year. Whether they are Bretons proud of their roots or curious travellers, they all let themselves be enchanted by the magic of the place. Open all year round, the site offers an immersive experience, enriched by cultural and artistic events that punctuate the calendar.

An immersive experience all year round

In addition to its artistic and cultural appeal, the Valley of the Saints plays a major economic role in the region. It generates local employment, stimulates the surrounding businesses and contributes to Brittany’s tourist reputation. Visitors who venture into the Valley of the Saints thus contribute to the vitality of the local economy and to the preservation of this unique heritage.

A journey into the soul of Brittany

The Valley of the Saints is much more than just a collection of granite statues. It is a journey through time, a dive into the soul of Brittany, where legends and spirituality come to life. It is a vibrant tribute to Breton culture and history, brought to life by talented artists and a passionate community.

In the Valley of the Saints, visitors find themselves transported into a world of mystery and enchantment. The statues, like silent guardians, tell legendary tales and ancient epics. The landscapes surrounding the site, with their green hills and winding valleys, create an atmosphere conducive to escape and contemplation.

The reputation of the Valley of the Saints has spread beyond the borders of Brittany, attracting the attention of travellers seeking unique experiences. The media and tourist guides have praised this magical place, presenting it as a must-see destination in the region. Visitors flock to the site, curious to discover this symphony of granite and spirituality.

An open-air legend: The transmission of Breton heritage

As you walk through the pages of Breton history, the Valley of the Saints reveals itself as a veritable open-air encyclopaedia. The sculptures, the fruit of the talent of local sculptors, capture the essence of the Breton saints, these emblematic figures who have shaped the culture and identity of the region. Each statue is unique, bearing a singular story, a deep symbolism and a meaning specific to the person it represents.

The participatory nature of the Valley of the Saints reinforces the feeling of belonging of the inhabitants and the pride of the Bretons. The sponsors, whether individuals or companies, see their names inscribed forever in stone, testifying to their attachment to this collective adventure. It is an opportunity to get involved, to perpetuate traditions and to support a project that transcends time and generations.

Walking through the Valley of the Saints site, visitors are transported into a timeless dimension. The statues, immutable and majestic, seem to hold the secrets of a bygone era. Legends mingle with the murmurings of the wind, creating a spellbinding atmosphere that invites meditation and reflection.

Beyond its cultural significance, the Valley of the Saints is a real economic engine for the Côtes-d’Armor region. The jobs created to maintain the site and welcome visitors benefit the local community. The economic spin-offs, particularly in the surrounding shops and accommodation, help to boost the regional economy and promote tourism in Brittany.

In short, the Valley of the Saints is a real nugget in the heart of Brittany. The monumental statues that animate it bear witness to the cultural, historical and spiritual wealth of the region. Both a place of pilgrimage and wonder, the Valley of the Saints is a precious heritage that has been passed down from generation to generation, carrying the values and soul of Brittany high.

Published on: 19 May 2023  -  Filed under: History and Heritage