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Accueil Vélo Tourisme

Accueil Vélo is a national brand that guarantees a welcome, services and specific facilities tailored to the needs of cycling tourists along cycle routes in France.

It helps to reassure cycling tourists, particularly those from abroad, about the quality of the services available to them, with the aim of making their cycling trip easier. It is the promise of a quality welcome
for cyclists and cycle travellers in France, to extend the customer experience internationally: Bett Bike (D), Fietsers Welkom!(NL), Welcome Cyclists (Tch, HU), Bienvenuecyclistes ! (QC)
It is helping to make France the world’s leading destination for cycle tourism by 2030.
The small green logo in the shape of a cyclist is a quick way of identifying approved establishments, and encourages cyclist customers to turn to these establishments, located less than 5 km from cycle routes (included in a departmental, regional or national scheme), including mountain bike routes and signposted local loops.

Your guarantees:

Be less than 5 km from a cycle route.

Have suitable facilities for cyclists: secure bicycle shelter, repair kit, bicycle maintenance area, including the possibility of recharging a VAE. Greet cyclists with a few words of welcome in their mother tongue. Provide information or offer services adapted to cyclists: luggage transfer, washing and drying clothes, cycle hire, bike washing. Offer a warm welcome to cyclists, with special time for discussion: securing the bike, refreshments on arrival, time to talk about the next day’s stage: directions for the best cycle route to join the main itinerary, useful tips for refuelling, tourist attractions, weather forecast. Offer a breakfast adapted to the effort involved.

Published on: 8 July 2023  -  Filed under: Bicycle, Labels and certifications