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The gardener triumphs over unruly wild boar

They get a bad press, they’re ill-behaved, they “lift the carpet” to glean a few acorns and insects but forget to put the grass back in place.

What a nuisance these beasts are… Predators? Probably, like the rest of us, but are they so dangerous on a daily basis that we think they should be eliminated?

If we were to bring back the death penalty every time a predator destroyed someone else’s property, every time there was a riot, every time a window was smashed or a car set alight, the humanity of democracy would be a distant memory.

This morning, as they regularly do in autumn and spring, these big black hairy pigs attacked our beautiful rustic lawn and lifted a few metres of soil with their nosy snouts.

Some would have called for a drive, but we pulled out the fatal weapon: THE RATE!


By drawing his gun, the hunter puts on weight and loses a little life (a hunting trip ends, if it doesn’t begin, over a bottle)

By drawing his rake, the gardener gains a little more longevity by ensuring iron health.

Published on: 25 October 2023  -  Filed under: Garden and Vegetable Garden