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Plants culture associations

The combination of crops is considered one of the essential keys to creating a harmonious ecosystem in a permaculture garden. In this approach, we see each plant as an actor in an interconnected system, contributing to the overall balance and health of our garden.

We try to understand the interactions between the plants and carefully observe the results. From our experiences at Kerbeleg and the specific knowledge adapted to our own garden will come an approach of continuous experimentation and adaptation.

We will observe the effects of different crop combinations on plant health, vigour, pest resistance and productivity. We will try to keep an open mind and experiment with new combinations to find out what works best in the specific context of our soil, our region of South Finistère, the orientation of the land, the exposure to winds, the sunshine.

We will mix different species of plants, both vegetables, herbs and flowers, to try to create a resilient and balanced ecosystem. This diversity should encourage the presence of beneficial insects, attract pollinators and reduce the risk of spreading disease.

Here is a list of tests that we will try, progressively, at Kerbeleg:

Possible associations

The 5 main vegetable families

  • Solanaceae (aubergines, chillies, peppers, tomatoes)
  • Umbelliferae (carrot, celery, parsley)
  • Crucifers (cabbage, watercress, turnip, radish)
  • Legumes (beans, peas)
  • Liliaceae (garlic, asparagus, onion, leek)

Examples :

  • Asparagus: Salad, Parsley
  • Beetroot: Radish, Cabbage
  • Broccoli: Celery, Beetroot
  • Carrot: Salad
  • Celery: Tomato, Cauliflower
  • Cauliflower: Spinach, Salad, Onion
  • Cucumber: Celery, Cabbage, Salad, Onion
  • Courgette: Bean
  • Spinach: Bean, Cabbage
  • Turnip: Spinach, Salad
  • Pepper: Tomato, Aubergine
  • Leek: Spinach, Salad
  • Radish: Celery, Pea, Bean, Salad, Spinach
  • Salad: Tomato, Cucumber, Gherkin
  • Tomato: Basil, Parsley

Published on: 14 May 2023  -  Filed under: Garden and Vegetable Garden